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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Helge Hellberg - Creator of An Organic Conversation. Read his story.

Kristin HoppeOwner of Food Therapy. Read her story.

Tessa ManciniGillenNutrition Consultant for Vida Nueva and 
Creator of Lychee Skincare Proucts. Read her story.

Eric PomertOwner of Little Spoons Cafe. Read his story.

Devon Crosby-HelmsOwner of Fast Foodie Personal Chef Services.
Read her story.

Diane SanfilippoOwner of Balanced Bites. Read her story.

Naomi Tomoda - Creator of Mami's Crunch. Read her story.

Jesse MinerVegan Personal Chef. Read his story.

Daniel Sanelli - Owner of Primo Health Coach. Read his story.

Allison O'Brien - Executive Director and Founder of
The Garden State Community Kitchen. Read her story.

Danielle Levy - Owner of Danielle Levy Nutrition Counseling. Read her story.

Elizabeth Hill - Owner of West Marin Food & Farm Tours. Read her story.

DeAnna Batdorff - Owner of the dhyana Center. Read her story.

Karyn Duggan - Nutritional Consultant for One Medical Group. Read her story.

Madia Jamgochian - Owner of My Healing Habits. Read her story.

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Bauman College is a non-profit educational institution devoted to the promotion of health and wellness through holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We offer two professional training programs, Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef. Our programs prepare students to assist individuals in the avoidance of illness and the promotion of optimal health through nutrition consultation and therapeutic food preparation. With whole, seasonal, organic, unrefined, and local foods we hope to inspire a food revolution and change the world, one bite at a time. Find out more...