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About Bauman College

Bauman College (formerly The Institute for Educational Therapy) has been serving the community since 1989, providing quality education in holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We offer two professional training programs, Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant. We also provide an array of personal growth options and give back through various community offerings.

Our professional programs prepare students for careers in the fields of nutrition consultation and healthful food preparation. We empower students to help individuals avoid illness and optimize wellness through health supportive diet and lifestyle choices.

Natural Chef Training Program

This program teaches students to succeed in the culinary field by combining classic culinary training with therapeutic techniques for the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. Students will become experts in food preparation, flavor selection, and food presentation. They will learn how to prepare meals with therapeutic ingredients and techniques to nourish and support the health of their clients. Through an independent externship students will explore career opportunities such as personal, private, and corporate chef, restaurant and catering work, and beyond.

Nutrition Consultant Training Program

This program equips students with the skills to become nutrition professionals and to expertly educate on health and wellness. The program teaches an in-depth study of the foundations of nutrition - biochemical individuality, anatomy, physiology, macro and micronutrient requirements, and healthful food selection. Students will learn therapeutic applications of various foods and supplements for avoiding and recovering from illness. A practicum requires students to explore a variety of career options including teaching, research, nutrition consultation, and more, so they are best prepared to support their career path before graduation. The Nutrition Consultant Training Program is available at our four locations or via Distance Learning for those who prefer to work from home.

Eating For Health Model

Bauman College’s curriculum is based on the Eating for Health model, a whole foods approach to nutrition. Eating for Health relies on the best quality and the most nutrient-dense, seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local foods. It acknowledges that every person has varying needs and requires an individualized eating plan, one that even changes throughout their lives with varying health, age, and level of activity. Eating for Health promotes wellbeing through abundant and delicious nutritionally dense foods.


Choose from our three locations in some of the most beautiful and health supportive communities in the country - Berkeley and Sonoma County, California, and in Boulder, Colorado, or learn from anywhere with our online Nutrition Consultant Training Program via Distance Learning.

In addition to our professional programs, we offer a variety of personal growth options:

Nutrition Essentials For Everyone

This 8-week course teaches the core concepts of healthful eating, and empowers individuals to make dietary and lifestyle decisions to better their life through nutrition.

Vitality Fasting Retreat

This retreat, hosted by college Founder and President, Dr. Ed Bauman, and Executive Director, Karen Rotstein, will guide and support you through a life-changing juice and mineral broth cleanse in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Our Mission

At Bauman College, we aim to not only train professionals, but to empower the world through conscious eating, earth-friendly living, and healthy lifestyle choices through as many channels as we can. Our mission is to change the world through nutrition, one bite at a time.