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Bauman College

Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Bauman College Mission Statement

Bauman College, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, aims to create a sustainable culture of wellness in individuals, in the community, and in our health care delivery system by promoting a comprehensive and integrative approach to holistic nutrition and the culinary arts.

We are committed to bringing our Eating for Health model to an ever wider audience, advocating the use of whole organic food, nutritive herbs, and appropriate supplementation to promote health, restore metabolic balance, and support recovery from injury and illness. Our unifying philosophy aims to change the way people consume food from convenience to conscious eating.

We educate people of all ages to participate in an earth-friendly paradigm shift that supports natural chemical-free agriculture, aqua culture, and animal culture to feed and heal a malnourished world. Our professional training programs prepare individuals for successful careers as Nutrition Consultants and Natural Chefs. Community education and personal growth programs provide practical education in nutrition fundamentals, culinary arts, and healthy living.

The Bauman College community brings Eating for Health to schools, businesses, hospitals, clinics, public agencies, and events such as wellness fairs and farmers’ markets to teach hands-on skills that promote health, wellness, recovery, and sustainability worldwide.