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Welcome Alumni

We proudly support each and every one of our graduates and aim to connect, guide, and grow the work of our students and alumni in any way that we can.

Through job development efforts in the community, by lobbying in government for the rights of nutrition professionals, and by offering alumni networking events and services - we are committed to creating a supportive environment for the work of our holistic nutrition and culinary arts graduates.

By supporting graduates we invoke the compassionate Bauman College Mission Statement - together we can create a sustainable culture of wellness in individuals, in the community, and in our health care delivery system.

We encourage you to participate in a lifelong engagement with Bauman College and welcome you with open arms into our graduate community. Please explore the Alumni Services site to find ways that you can grow your business, get involved with like-minded professionals, and change the world through nutrition.

Alumni Events

As a Bauman College graduate or student you have access to supportive events and opportunities designed to help you navigate and grow in the fields of holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We encourage you to stay connected with us and to connect with one another. By tapping into an extensive network of like-minded professionals and getting involved in alumni events you are arming yourself with the tools necessary to thrive in the field.

Below you’ll find some great opportunities to connect, in your neighborhood or from afar.

Virtual Mentoring Calls

We are pleased to offer this free service to our students and graduates as a way of providing ongoing support and guidance. These calls will be hosted by Dr. Ed Bauman himself and are designed to help support your efforts in the field of nutrition and holistic culinary arts. Send questions to Dr. Bauman in advance of the call for the chance to have them answered, or simply call in to join the conversation. Hear real time experiences from others in the field, get answers to questions you may not know you even had, and unite with like-minded professionals to receive personal support.

Virtual Mentoring calls will be on the first Wednesday of each month and will begin at 6:00 pm.

Please send your clinical or business questions to Dr. Bauman for review. He will select timely questions to respond to and then open the call for discussion.

Visit the Bauman College Community Forum for details, to submit your questions, and to RSVP.

If your schedule does not permit your participation in the call please remember calls are recorded and will be posted here.

Round Table Events

We offer a quarterly Round Table Event series where students, alumni, and industry professionals come together to network, receive guidance on how to build their business, and to support each other as like-minded professionals. It’s an amazing opportunity for networking and business development for all students, past and present.

Please check back for details on our next Round Table Event series.

Other Events

There's always something fun cookin' at Bauman College. Check out the Events Calendar for all upcoming events at Bauman and beyond.

NANP Membership and HNCB Certification


Our Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant Training Programs are recommended training programs through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Students and graduates are encouraged to join this organization to stay connected, apply for insurance, support the rights of nutrition professionals, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of nutrition.


Graduates of the Nutrition Consultant Training Program are eligible to sit for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board’s (HNCB) Board Examination. The HNCB is a division of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. NANP professional members who meet the board examination qualification criteria and successfully pass the Board Exam will earn the designation, “Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.” For more information, including a list of Board Exam eligibility criteria, please visit or contact the HNCB at 800-342-8037 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.