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Community Resources

Bauman College is dedicated to furthering the health and wellness of the community. We encourage everyone to get involved in the effort to better the world through nutrition. Here you’ll find links to our community forum, a description of all our upcoming events and offerings, a link to information about our spring and summer Vitality Fasting Retreats, information on our Vital Scoop energy drink, a link to our 8-week personal growth course, and a library of articles on health and wellness. Get involved in the discussion and help us to change the world, one bite at a time.

Events Calendar

Find out about all our offerings in the community, read about upcoming appearances and lectures by college Founder and President, Dr. Ed Bauman, and discover all the ways you can get involved in the Bauman College community.

Nutrition Essentials for Everyone

We have a variety of personal growth options including an 8 week nutrition course for those who can't commit to a full length program, but want to make conscious and healthful changes in their lives and the lives of those they love.


These Bauman College retreats, hosted by college Founder and President, Dr. Ed Bauman, and Executive Director, Karen Rotstein, will guide and support you through a life-changing juice and mineral broth cleanse in the beautiful, peaceful setting among the redwoods in Woodside, CA.

Community Forum

The Bauman College Community Forum is a public forum, open to anyone interested in health and nutrition with a desire to learn and share. Interact with students, alumni, faculty and other members to discuss and share information. Ask pre-enrollment questions, browse goods and services, read through the Community Calendar, or get help finding housing using the Housing Hook-Up.

This community is available 24/7. All visitors will have access to view posts and, with a simple free registration process, everyone can become involved in the Bauman College community!


The Bauman Vital Scoop is an all-in-one energizing booster food personally formulated by Dr. Ed Bauman to provide dense nutrient reserves to the body for the promotion of optimal nutrition.


Here you will find a library of interesting articles written by Bauman College Instructors, faculty members, friends, and Dr. Ed Bauman himself.


Here you will find required textbooks for the Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant Training Programs as well as recommended book lists complied by our Bauman College faculty and staff to add to your library.


Join us on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle PlusLinkedIn, and on our Blog to get involved in the discussion. Learn about what’s going on in the world of nutrition, find new great recipes, links to articles and much more. Share with us your thoughts on wellness, your favorite healthy food tips, and more.