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2015 NANP Conference

You Can’t Afford to Miss THIS Conference!

It is not often when a group of like-minded professionals have the opportunity to get together and share wisdom and experiences with one another. We are in a time when major corporations are taking over our food supply and controlling the information that the public sees and hears. This is a time when it is more important than ever for us to come together as holistic health practitioners, as community members, and as humans to speak truth and inspire each other to be principled in our work and our lives no matter what comes our way.

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Career Services for Natural Chef Students

Bauman College offers its Natural Chef students a robust slate of career services to help support their professional success. Check out what our Career Services Platform can do for you:

  • Build, update, and forward online career portfolios to employers
  • Create resumes with our free resume builder
  • Search our exclusive job, internship, and externship listings
  • Connect with other students, alumni, employers, and community partners
  • Check out and register for our latest career events and webinars
  • Receive expert career advice and training from our on-staff career specialist
  • Download free career advice documents and podcasts
  • Learn expert job tips from over 100 free career videos
  • Read our career related announcements
  • And much more!

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A Fresh Take on the Culinary Arts

The Bauman College Natural Chef program offers a fresh take on the culinary arts by going beyond a traditional culinary education.  By being part of the program, students not only learn the fundamentals of cooking, we take them further so that they know how to cook well and are able to help themselves, their loved ones, and their clients reach optimal health.

For over 25 years, Bauman College has been a leader in holistic health and nutrition. We are excited to announce some fresh, new additions to our culinary program to elevate our students’ knowledge and skills so that they can expand their repertoires and begin successful careers upon graduation.

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Making the Most of Breakfast and Lunch

healthy breakfast

Healthy Meal Options for Children 

Fall is in full swing, the school year is finally upon us, and our to-do lists are growing by the minute. Extracurricular activities, busy work schedules, and other obligations leave little time for healthy meal preparation. This means we often eat on the go or buy prepackaged foods that can easily be thrown into a lunch box. While convenient, these aren’t always the best options for providing nutritious meals for ourselves or our children. The good news is that there are a number of options that can help you plan meals and snacks for your family that are tasty, healthy, and affordable.

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10 Eating for Health Tips

10 Eating for Health Tips