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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Nutrition Essentials for Everyone

Learn how to increase your energy, improve your health, and elevate your mood with food through Bauman College’s Nutrition Essentials for Everyone course.

This 8-week personal growth course teaches the core concepts of holistic nutrition and culinary arts by discussing practical information and providing guidance toward making daily diet and lifestyle decisions that support improved health and personal growth.

Gain the skills necessary to make measurable changes in your diet, lifestyle, and attitude, which will leave a lasting, positive imprint on your health and longevity. Instructors offer support on how to manage food addictions, cravings, and lifelong poor eating and lifestyle habits.

Each class is divided into a practical lecture on the foundations of nutrition, a cooking demonstration with food tasting and recipes, and an informative group discussion.

The 8 Topics of Nutrition Essentials

  • Eating for Health: Meet Your "Nutrition Heroes"
  • The Diet Disease Connection: “Nutrition Bandits” to Avoid
  • Lean Protein and Clean Fats: Best Choices for Growth and Repair
  • Colorful Complex Carbohydrates: A Rainbow of Cleansing Foods at Every Meal
  • Antioxidants: Food, Herb, and Spice Protectors and Rejuvenators
  • Allergy Free Eating: Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Metabolic Tune Up: How to Gain Vitality and Lose Weight
  • Sustainable Nutrition: An Eating for Health Banquet

Students will learn how to

  • Shop for, prepare, and store tasty, easy-to-make, fresh, healthy foods
  • Stock a pantry with whole food staples
  • Create nutritionally sound and delicious main meals and snacks
  • Better manage time and costs associated with eating well every day
  • Improve their selection of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant-rich beverages
  • Eliminate common allergenic foods that contribute to low energy and weight gain
  • Create meal plans that fit their age, lifestyle, health issues, and commitment
  • Avoid “Nutrition Bandits” that rob their health


Classes begin in Winter, Spring, and Fall and are held at our California locations, once a week, in the evenings from 6-9 pm, for 8 consecutive weeks.

Fall classes will begin early October.  The schedule will be available July 2014.

Board of Registered Nursing

Bauman College is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #11401. Completion of Nutrition Essentials for Everyone will provide RNs with 21 CEUs.

Registration Information

The 8-week series of classes costs $545 and includes all course materials and class tastings.
Each student receives the Nutrition Essentials for Everyone workbook, which includes all class recipes.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

For program cancellations up to 3 business days before the first day of class, registrants will receive a full refund. After this date, cancellations will incur the fee of the first class, whether the class was attended or not. For program cancellations after the second day of class, registrants will be subject to the fees for two classes, whether the class was attended or not. No refunds will be given as of the third day of class.

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