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Natural Chef Training Program

Berkeley • Boulder, CO

Master a healthful holistic approach to culinary arts. 
Certify in 7 months.

About Bauman College

Bauman College has been serving the community since 1989, providing quality education in holistic nutrition and culinary arts. We offer two professional training programs, Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant. We also provide an array of personal growth options and give back through various community offerings.

Our professional programs prepare students for careers in the fields of nutrition consultation and healthful food preparation. We empower students to help individuals avoid illness and optimize wellness through health supportive diet and lifestyle choices.

About the Program

The Natural Chef Training Program teaches the skills required of professionally trained chefs while uniquely focusing on the art and science of holistic research-based nutrition. 

Students are prepared with everything they need to know before stepping into the kitchen, including safety and sanitation curriculum, ServSafe® education, knife skills, and culinary math. Students begin course work with the kitchen basics, exploring classic culinary techniques, recipes, and artful food presentation. Learn more about the Natural Chef Program... 

Natural Chefs are increasingly recognized and embraced by the culinary, health, and wellness industries. More and more career opportunities are available each day. Partner with like-minded nutritionally conscious people, change the world one bite at a time, and join the whole food revolution today!

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