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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

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The Bauman College mission is deeply integrated into both our Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef Training Programs. Our goal is to empower students to create change in the world through conscious eating, earth-friendly living, and healthy lifestyle changes. We hope to spread health and wellness by equipping students with the tools necessary to better the world’s health, environment, and our systems of agriculture. By uniquely incorporating the most innovative research in the field of nutrition and culinary arts, with age old wisdom and techniques from around the world, we provide students a unique and unparalleled education. Students will be prepared to enter a competitive job market upon graduation, armed with skills and training, without having to compromise their personal ideals. Together we can change the world, one bite at a time.

Bauman College Licensure

Bauman College is a non-profit educational institution that has been approved to operate since 1992 by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education ( offer the following courses:

Natural Chef
Nutrition Consultant

The Bureau license means that the institution complies with the standards established under the law for private post-secondary educational institutions. Institutions must be re-licensed every 3 years and are subject to continuing review.

Bauman College Annual Report
Nutrition Consultant Classroom School Performance Fact Sheet
Nutrition Consultant Distance Learning School Performance Fact Sheet
Natural Chef School Performance Fact Sheet