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Distance Learning - Up to 30 months

The Nutrition Consultant Training Program is available online via Distance Learning. People who live far away, have time constraints, or simply prefer to work from home can receive our nutrition training on their own time and in a way that is organic to them. Distance Learning is perfect for busy people who are independent, self-motivated, and who have a desire to improve the world through holistic nutrition.

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Distance Learning students receive a series of audio lectures linked to PowerPoint lessons prepared by college Founder and President Dr. Ed Bauman. These are augmented by current and comprehensive textbooks, workbooks, videos, and supplemental materials that keep the program fresh and science based. Students can download the lectures, view them in a multimedia PowerPoint presentation, or upload the audios to their MP3 players and learn on the go.

Structured Yet Flexible Schedule

Students may begin the Nutrition Consultant Training Program via Distance Learning at any time. Although we allow up to 30 months to complete the program, students may finish in a shorter time. Each student works at a different pace, but a minimum of 10 hours per week is a reasonable basic time commitment to finish the program in 18 months (which is the duration of the classroom program). Students and mentors together work out a time frame for each lesson, which takes into account a student’s other life commitments and responsibilities. A recommended pace to ensure completion of the program during the allotted time frame of 30 months would entail each module taking no longer than 30 days to complete. The key to a successful distance learning experience is that students make the time in their lives to research, write, interview, and complete their homework in a timely way and stay in close communication with their mentors.

Student Resources

Distance Learning students receive the same curriculum as our classroom learning counterparts, including the Practicum segment. Unlike many other Distance Learning programs, Bauman College students have the benefit of individual telephone consultations with a personal mentor throughout the program. Students will be guided and supported by these regular phone appointments, which allow students to ask in-depth questions, receive detailed feedback on homework for each course topic, review core competencies of the program, discuss client strategy and sequencing, get answers to questions, and monitor progress. Additionally, distance learners have an opportunity to connect with other Bauman College students through the Student Forum. 

Nutrition Consultant Curriculum
via Distance Learning

See our catalog for module descriptions 

Term I - Foundations of Nutrition
NC 101: Eating for Health
NC 102: Digestive Physiology
NC 103: Biochemistry
NC 104: Nutrition Analysis
NC 105: Macronutrients
NC 106: Micronutrients
NC 107: Nutritional Counseling
NC 108: Case Presentations
Midterm Exam

Term II - Therapeutic Nutrition
NC 201: Stress and Endocrine Interactions
NC 202: Men's and Women's Health
NC 203: Liver Detoxification
NC 204: Gastrointestinal Health
NC 205: Blood Sugar Regulation
NC 206: Weight Management
NC 207: Clinical Assessment
NC 208: Cardiovascular Health
NC 209: Mental Health
NC 210: Musculoskeletal Health and Sports Nutrition
NC 211: Immune and Autoimmune
NC 212: Cancer
NC 213: Case Presentation
Final Exam

Term III - Practicum
NC 301: Practicum Preparation
NC 302: On-Site Practicum
NC 303: Practicum Reporting

Click here for the Nutrition Consultant Distance Learning Mini-syllabus

Required Computer Skills

Use of a computer is required to participate in the Nutrition Consultant Training Program.
Please review our Technical FAQs before applying.

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