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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Natural Chef Training Program - 450 hours

Classroom - 5 months - plus a 6-week independent Culinary Externship

The Natural Chef Training Program offers a fresh take on the culinary arts by combining traditional preparation techniques with restorative cooking. Students will learn to cater to the needs of individuals, not the parameters of a specific diet. Students will become experts in food preparation, flavor development, food presentation, and restorative cooking techniques and recipes. The professional culinary education we offer emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local foods and goes beyond traditional culinary schools by teaching students how to cook for optimal health. This cutting-edge education will prepare Natural Chef students for a wide variety of food-related careers upon graduation.

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Classes explore a broad range of culinary topics such as alternative food preparation techniques, how flavor profiles from world cuisines can benefit health, restorative cooking with herbs and spices, and restorative applications of food for illness prevention and optimal health. Students learn a unique approach to the culinary arts and leave prepared to promote health and wellness through food.

Classes meet on site 3 days per week, totaling 15 class hours each week with a few exceptions where classroom instruction could total up to 18 hours in a week.

Students should plan to spend a minimum of half as much time on homework and individual study as they spend in class. Students who are able to spend more time on homework will be able to create a richer learning experience.

Classes are offered in Berkeley, CA, and Boulder, CO.

Bauman Business Institute

The Bauman Business Institute (BBI) is a comprehensive, online business training curriculum that prepares students to successfully put their education to work, either in their own culinary businesses or as employees. Students will progress through the business curriculum concurrently with their culinary training, which will allow them the full length of the program to develop their career plans. This expanded business program is included in the tuition for students enrolling in the Natural Chef Training Program. 

See our catalog for BBI module descriptions

Career Opportunities

Bauman College is dedicated to providing professional career development support for students to help prepare them to put their education to work. To meet this goal, we offer the Bauman Business Institute and Career Services to teach students how to navigate their career paths as entrepreneurs and/or as job seekers. We provide the necessary career tools and resources to help students be successful within their chosen vocations. 

Natural Chefs trained at Bauman College are leaders in the holistic nutrition and culinary arts industries. They are in high demand for their unique knowledge and training through the use of healthy alternative ingredients to promote and support people coping with illness, food sensitivities or allergies, and those interested in healthy eating and living. 

Natural Chefs are prepared to work as: Personal Chefs, Natural Chefs, Executive Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Sales Associates, Bakers, Prep Cooks, Teaching and Cooking Assistants, Line Cooks, Wellness Chefs, Cooking Instructors, Chef Educators, Sous Chefs, Food Writers, Bloggers, and more.

Students may choose to work directly for a company or organization or start a personal or private chef business, catering company, or other food business. Many graduates become leaders in the education, print and publishing, telecommunication, and media industries. Graduates can become contributing writers to newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, and school curriculums, and they author books on pertinent health topics. They also speak at conferences, lead workshops, and educate people on holistic nutrition and healthy culinary preparations in many different ways.

Bauman College continues to support its Natural Chef graduates with its robust Alumni Support and Career Services.

Natural Chef Curriculum

See our catalog for module descriptions

  • Culinary Foundations
  • Farm to Table: Culinary Techniques for Optimal Health
    • Preparation Methods
    • Broth Varieties and Applications
    • Plant Foods
    • Booster Foods
    • Proteins
    • Food Preservation
    • Natural Baking and Pastry
  • Midterms
  • Externship Orientation and Culinary Careers Panel
  • Restorative Cooking for Optimal Health
  • World Cuisines: Flavor Profiles and Restorative Benefits
  • Final Presentations
  • Culinary Showcase
  • In-House Culinary Skills Hours
  • Culinary Externship

Click here for the Natural Chef Mini-syllabus

Natural Chef Classroom Schedules

Dress Code Requirements

  • Chef coats are provided by Bauman College.
  • Skull caps to restrain hair are provided by Bauman College.
  • Waist aprons are provided by Bauman College.
  • Chef pants (black, hounds-tooth, or black and white checked) are independently purchased by students.
  • Chef shoes (black, slip resistant, hard, closed toe and heel) are independently purchased by students.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Beards are permitted, but students may be asked to wear a beard snood.
  • Mustaches must be kept neatly trimmed and may not extend below the corners of the mouth.
  • No long fingernails, polish, decorations, or fake fingernails.
  • No jewelry except plain and smooth bands.
  • Students must be prepared to remove their facial piercings should they not comply with the safety and sanitation standards determined by Bauman College.

National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)

The Natural Chef Training Program is a recommended training program through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). Students and graduates are encouraged to join NANP to stay connected, support the rights of nutrition professionals, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of nutrition. For more information on NANP, visit

CEU Credits

Bauman College is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # 11401, for 358 contact hours for the Natural Chef Training Program.

Required Computer Skills

Use of a computer is required to participate in the Natural Chef Training Program.
Please review our Technical FAQs before applying.

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