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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Natural Chef Training Program - 450 hours

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Classroom - 5 months - plus a 6-week independent Culinary Externship

The Natural Chef Training Program is committed to the development of nutrition-based, therapeutic chefs who are artists in food preparation and presentation. Coursework emphasizes nutritional and therapeutic cooking as well as a mastery of all necessary kitchen skills, including knife skills and ServSafe® requirements for safety and sanitation. In addition to culinary skills, instruction in business development, marketing, and large scale food production will help prepare students for a wide variety of careers upon graduation.

In-house Culinary Skill Hours further hone students' culinary prowess, while an independent Culinary Externship allows students to have hands-on experience in the area of their choice: as a personal chef or caterer, in a natural food restaurant, for a community kitchen, at a retreat center, in a cooking class, and more.

Career Opportunites

Natural Chefs are in great demand as the need for good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices becomes more apparent in our fast-paced world. Natural Chefs are trained to provide healthy and ill people with top-quality, satisfying, and beautifully presented meals. The Natural Chef Training Program prepares students for a career in the blossoming natural and whole foods industry with the added benefit of leaving as a ServSafe® Certified Food Manager, should they choose to sit for the exam offered during the program. Graduates work in private homes as personal natural chefs, as well as for catering companies, health spas, health food stores, retreat programs, restaurants, and more.

Although Bauman College does not offer placement assistance, the business classes in this program are designed to prepare students for networking, large scale food production, and applying natural food cooking skills to a variety of niche businesses within the culinary industry such as personal chef and product lines.The Externship component of the program offers students the opportunity to experience the application of their studies in real life settings. Employment opportunities are regularly submitted to Bauman College from private and corporate entities. Students and Graduates may view these opportunities through the Employment Forum Board. In addition, we match students with specific employment opportunities from within our community connections.

Class Offerings

Spring and fall classes meet three days per week, totaling 15 class hours each week with a few exceptions where classroom instruction could total up to 18 hours in the week. Students should plan to spend half as much time on homework and individual study as they spend in class.

Classes are offered in Berkeley and Santa Cruz, CA and Boulder, CO

Natural Chef Classroom Schedules

Natural Chef Curriculum

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  • Culinary Nutrition and Kitchen Basics
  • Food Foundations
  • World Cuisine
  • Midterm
  • Farm to Table
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Client Services
  • Culinary Showcase
  • Final Presentations
  • Culinary In-House Skill Hours
  • Culinary Externship

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CEU Credits

CEU credits for RN’s are available. Bauman College is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 11401, for 280 contact hours for the Natural Chef Training Program.

Required Computer Skills

Use of a computer is required to participate in the Natural Chef Training Program.
Please review our Technical FAQs before applying.

Dress Code Requirements

  • Chef coat, white - provided
  • Skull cap to restrain hair - provided
  • Waist apron, white - provided
  • Chef pants, black, hounds-tooth, or black/white checked - not provided
  • Chef shoes, black, slip-resistant, hard, closed-toe and closed-heel - not provided
  • Socks must be worn at all times
  • Beards are permitted, but student may be asked to wear a beard snood
  • Mustaches must be kept neatly trimmed and may not extend below the corners of the lips
  • NO long fingernails, fingernail polish or decoration, or fake fingernails 
  • NO jewelry, including, earrings, rings, bracelets, or watches. A glove may be used to cover wedding or engagement rings, if necessary. Certain facial piercings may be permitted (only small single piece studs with no hoops or rings). Students must be prepared to remove their facial piercing should it not comply with the safety and sanitation standards determined by Bauman College. 

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