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Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

Nutrition Consultant Training Program - 700 hours

Classroom - 18 months

Also available via Distance Learning - up to 30 months

The Nutrition Consultant Training Program provides students with in-depth knowledge of the foundations of whole-foods nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. In the program, students study the fundamentals of nutrition: physiology, anatomy, macro- and micronutrient selection, and the effects of food on the body. By the completion of the program, graduates are prepared to provide expert evaluation of diet and lifestyle and make recommendations for food selection, targeted nutrients, and lifestyle choices that will enable their clients to improve their health and slow or reverse the progression of chronic illness.

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Each topic in the program introduces compelling research that enables students to confidently and precisely guide clients in the use of therapeutic foods, herbs, and nutrient support. The training is dynamic and constantly evolving to stay current with the latest nutrition information.

Classes are 3.5 hours in length and meet on average 5 times per month. Students should plan to spend as much time or more on homework and individual study as they spend in the classroom.

Students in our Nutrition Consultant Training Program have complete access to all of their curriculum materials, including lectures, homework assignments, and student records, via our unique learning management system, the Bauman College Student Dashboard. With this system, students communicate with teachers and staff, submit homework, view lectures, and check their current grades from home or in any location with an internet connection. The Bauman College Student Dashboard allows students to easily access course materials any time.

Classes are offered in Berkeley and Sonoma County, CA, and Boulder, CO.

Bauman Business Institute

The Bauman Business Institute (BBI) is a comprehensive, online business training curriculum that will prepare students to successfully put their education to work whether their intention is to get jobs or start their own practices. Students will progress through the business curriculum concurrently with the nutrition modules, which will allow them the full length of the program to develop their career plans. 

See our catalog for BBI module descriptions

Career Opportunities

Bauman College is dedicated to providing professional career development support for students to help prepare them to put their education to work. To meet this goal, we offer the Bauman Business Institute and Career Services to teach students how to navigate their career paths as entrepreneurs and/or as job seekers. We provide the necessary career tools and resources to help students be successful within their chosen vocations.

Nutrition Consultants trained at Bauman College are leaders in the holistic nutrition industry. They are in high demand for their unique knowledge and training in helping individuals and groups cope with illness and promote wellness by using personalized assessments and tailoring nutrition plans using macro- and micronutrients, herbs, and therapeutic foods. As graduates, they are well-prepared to be professional and successful consultants and educators in the nutrition world.

Nutrition Consultants are prepared to work as: Holistic Nutritionists, Holistic Nutrition Consultants, Health Coaches, Nutrition Educators, Education Assistants, Brand Ambassadors, Teaching Assistants, In-Store Wellness Practitioners, Nutrition Coaches, Health Writers, Bloggers, and more.

Students may choose to work directly for a company or organization or start a private practice or consulting business. Many graduates become leaders in the education, print and publishing, telecommunication, and media industries. Graduates can become contributing writers to newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, and school curriculums, and they author books on pertinent health topics. They also speak at conferences, lead workshops, and educate people on holistic nutrition and healthy whole-food preparation.

Bauman College continues to support its Nutrition Consultant graduates with its robust Alumni Support and Career Services.

Nutrition Consultant Curriculum

See our catalog for module descriptions

Term I - Foundations of Nutrition

NC 101: Eating for Health
NC 102: Digestive Physiology
NC 103: Biochemistry
NC 104: Nutrition Analysis
NC 105: Macronutrients
NC 106: Micronutrients
NC 107: Nutritional Counseling
NC 108: Case Presentations
Midterm Exam

Term II - Therapeutic Nutrition
NC 201: Stress and Endocrine Interactions
NC 202: Men's and Women's Health
NC 203: Liver Detoxification
NC 204: Gastrointestinal Health
NC 205: Blood Sugar Regulation
NC 206: Weight Management
NC 207: Clinical Assessment
NC 208: Cardiovascular Health
NC 209: Mental Health
NC 210: Musculoskeletal Health and Sports Nutrition
NC 211: Immune and Autoimmune
NC 212: Cancer
NC 213: Case Presentation
Final Exam

Term III - Practicum
NC 301: Practicum Preparation
NC 302: On-Site Practicum
NC 303: Practicum Reporting

Nutrition Consultant Mini-syllabus

Nutrition Consultant Classroom Schedules


The Nutrition Consultant certificate title is valid in California, Colorado, and other states where there are no federal, state, or local requirements limiting the practice of nutrition consulting. Contact the local state government to become informed about the laws of the state in which you plan to practice.

Professional Association Standards

Professional association standards require that Nutrition Consultants practice within the area of health education, with mutual consent between client and consultant, and with full disclosure on the part of the practitioner as to services provided, fees, training, and areas of competence. A Nutrition Consultant does not diagnose or treat disease. Bauman College carefully teaches students the proper language to use to emphasize their educational approach that is based upon creating health rather than treating disease. Nutrition Consultants are encouraged to work with doctors and licensed health providers when educating clients with previously diagnosed conditions. Anyone who is currently licensed (R.D., R.N., M.F.C.C., M.D., etc.) by the state in which they reside should check with their professional licensing board regarding nutrition practice requirements. Bauman College recommends that its graduates obtain professional malpractice insurance, which is available at a very reasonable rate through national carriers.

National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)

The Nutrition Consultant Training Program is a recommended and approved training program by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). Students and graduates are encouraged to join NANP to stay connected to the latest research and business practices, connect with like-minded professionals in the integrative health field, attend annual conferences, gain continuing education credits, and support the right of holistic nutrition professionals to serve in an ethical and appropriate way. For more information on NANP, visit nanp.org.

Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB) 

Graduates of the Nutrition Consultant Training Program are eligible to sit for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board’s (HNCB) Board Examination. The HNCB is a division of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). NANP professional members who meet the board examination qualification criteria and successfully pass the board exam will earn the designation, “Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®.” This credential provides national recognition of professional excellence. For more information, including a list of board exam eligibility criteria, please visit nanp.org/hncb.

CEU Credits

Bauman College is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #11401, for 281 contact hours for the Nutrition Consultant Training Program.

Required Computer Skills

Use of a computer is required to participate in the Nutrition Consultant Training Program. 
Please review our Technical FAQs before applying.


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