Amy Griffith

Amy Griffith is a Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant helping clients discover vibrant health and happiness through incremental shifts in habit. She has extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition and preventative health care. While she specializes on healing the body through a focus on digestion, she has helped clients with a variety of health concerns such as blood sugar regulation, pain management, food allergies and intolerances, weight loss/gain, autoimmune disease, nutrition for the athlete and nutrition essentials for vegans or vegetarians. Amy believes that nutrition is the foundation that supports overall health and wellness, that the quality of food is the key to enjoying, preparing and eating it, and that every person is indeed super complex — one size never fits all in regards to our bodies.

Specialties:Allergies, Dairy Free, Detox and Cleanse Programs, Digestive Health, General Wellness, Gluten Sensitivity, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management

Services offered Remotely (e.g. phone, skype, etc.): Yes

Accepting Interns: Yes

Office hours in Oakland and San Francisco
Oakland and San Francisco, CA 94610
(510) 813-3484