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Our Alumni Relations program is designed to build a sense of community and help you feel connected and supported by Bauman College, the community, and globally. We offer professional development and networking events, career resources, volunteer opportunities, free business marketing, alumni benefits, and professional industry news to help you grow in your career. For alumni questions, email alumni@baumancollege.org.


Our Career Services Platform makes it easy for you to plan, prepare, search, and apply for jobs. You may create an account profile to access these resources. Current students as well as graduates of Bauman College programs are eligible to use the job board.

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Bauman College offers both professional development and social networking events for you to continue to develop and enhance your career. To learn more and view upcoming events, please create your account profile and login to our Career Services Platform.


Bauman College alumni are professional product developers, authors, and speakers. They offer an abundance of knowledge on holistic food and nutrition services tailored to meet your individual needs and improve your optimal health. To purchase their work, please visit our Alumni Products page.

Alumni: To post your products on our website, email your product submissions to alumni@baumancollege.org. Please provide an image, brief description, and sales link.


The Alumni Directory is a great resource for you to connect and network with fellow alumni and be seen by prospective employers and clients. You can add a personal bio, website address, contact information, specialties, and services offered. Visitors will be able to search for profiles in the Directory by location and/or specialty.

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Stay connected through our LinkedIn and Facebook alumni group pages, and follow us on our LinkedIn University page. Receive college and community event announcements, job postings, industry news, and more.

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Social Media Policy

Bauman College supports the use of social media by students and alumni as a way to facilitate communication and support student and alumni engagement. Please review the Social Media Policy before considering launching any social media accounts that involve Bauman College and its campuses, departments, programs, groups, organizations, and individuals. For more information, email alumni@baumancollege.org.