Welcome Employers

Our employer program offers businesses a way to interact and engage with Bauman College students and alumni through a variety of recruiting services. Bauman College students and graduates are unique in their professions and even more unique in their job searches. The Career Services Department will work with you to identify how your career opportunities match with Bauman College’s students and graduates. For a one-on-one consult and review of your job description, please email careers@baumancollege.orgView our Employer Recruiting Policies Quick Guide.

Job Posting

You may post jobs exclusively to Bauman College via the Career Services Platform, our online job board. Please create an account profile and log in to the Career Services Platform to:

  • Post, update, and manage your jobs exclusively on our online job board
  • Find qualified job candidates by searching for resumes from Bauman College students and alumni
  • Match your employment opportunities with our job seekers
  • Target your postings and become an employer of choice
  • Receive responses directly from our job seekers
  • Receive social media announcements about your job openings from the Career Services Department

For questions about posting job opportunities, please contact the Career Services Department at careers@baumancollege.org.

Alumni Directory

Employers may search and locate high-quality nutrition consultant and natural chef talent using our exclusive Alumni Directory. Locate professionals using the specialty and location feature to recruit and partner with alumni.


As part of our curriculum, Bauman College requires that natural chef students participate in experiential learning programs to enhance their education and provide on-the-job training. Employers are encouraged to participate in these programs by offering opportunities at their places of business for our students to gain experience in the field. To find out more about each opportunity, please visit our Externships page.