Bauman Business Institute

Whether students are embarking on career changes or adding new skills and knowledge to existing work, the business curriculum in the nutrition consultant and natural chef programs is where a student’s creativity and passion for health intersect with the necessary business acumen to make their career dreams a reality. We take a unique approach to business through the lens of holistic values and tailor it very specifically to our industry to poise students for long careers that fit into their lives in a sustainable way.

The business curriculum is delivered online through the Bauman Business Institute, which also includes an online resource library of additional business support as well as materials such as assessment forms and articles to bolster students in their work with clients. As the nutrition consultant and natural chef curricula are based on progressive learning, the business learning sequence will also be stepwise and progressive. Students will be able to build on concepts learned early in the course as they progress through more advanced business topics to develop their careers over the duration of the culinary or nutrition programs. Topics will be taught by either our seasoned business faculty or adjunct faculty with specific subject experience and expertise. Students will learn from the best, and in the end they will be ready for business!

Additionally, the Bauman Business Institute offers business mentoring sessions, career services, and student and alumni relations to connect students into a lifelong alumni network. This comprehensive experience will prepare chef or nutrition consultant students for a wide variety of culinary or nutrition-related careers upon graduation.