Distance Learning


The Nutrition Consultant Training Program is available online via distance learning. Our distance learning option brings the classroom to the students so that people who live far away, have time constraints, or simply prefer to work from home can receive our nutrition training on their own time and in a way that’s organic to them.

The online lectures are augmented by current and comprehensive textbooks, workbooks, videos, and supplemental materials that keep the program fresh and science based.  Unlike many other distance learning programs, Bauman College students have the benefit of regular phone calls scheduled with Bauman College distance learning mentors who will guide them through the entire program.

Students may begin the distance learning program at any time. Although we allow up to 30 months for completion of the program, students may finish in a shorter time. If students want to finish the program in the same amount of time as the classroom counterpart (18 months), a minimum of  15-20 hours per week  of study time is recommended.

Distance learning students receive the same curriculum as the classroom students including:

Term I – Foundations of Nutrition
NC 101: Eating for Health
NC 102: Digestive Physiology
NC 103: Nutritional Biochemistry
NC 104: Nutrition Analysis
NC 105: Macronutrients
NC 106: Micronutrients
NC 107: Nutritional Counseling
NC 108: Case Presentations
Midterm Exam

Term II – Therapeutic Nutrition
NC 201: Stress and Endocrine Interactions
NC 202: Men’s and Women’s Health
NC 203: Liver Detoxification
NC 204: Gastrointestinal Health
NC 205: Blood Sugar Regulation
NC 206: Weight Management
NC 207: Clinical Assessment
NC 208: Cardiovascular Health
NC 209: Neurological  Health
NC 210: Musculoskeletal Health and Sports Nutrition
NC 211: Immune and Autoimmune
NC 212: Cancer
NC 213: Case Presentation
Final Exam

Term III – Practicum/Fieldwork
NC 301: Fieldwork Preparation
NC 302: On-Site Fieldwork
NC 303: Fieldwork Reporting

For a complete description of the Nutrition Consultant Training Program curriculum, tuition and fees, schedules, and more please view our catalog.

Bauman College is dedicated to providing professional career development support for students to help prepare them to put their education to work. Therefore, in addition to the above topics, we offer the Bauman Business Institute and Career Services to teach students how to navigate their career paths as entrepreneurs and/or as job seekers. We provide the necessary career tools and resources to help students be successful within their chosen vocations.

The Bauman Business Institute (BBI) is a comprehensive, online business training curriculum that will prepare students to be ready for business, either in their own nutrition endeavors or as employees. This expanded business program is included in the tuition for students enrolling in the Nutrition Consultant Training Program via Distance Learning.

Learn more about Bauman Business Institute for Nutrition Consultant Students

Through our Career Services, students are provided the necessary resources to choose and be successful on their career paths. With access to the Career Services Platform, students can search for jobs; view and sign up for events; and access articles, podcasts, videos, and other career-related resources. Bauman College continues to support students upon graduation with robust Alumni Support and Career Services so that alumni have the opportunity and tools they need to continue on the road to achieving their career goals.