Natural Chef

Classroom – 5 months plus a 6-week independent culinary externship

The Natural Chef Training Program offers a fresh take on the culinary arts by training students in the professional execution of nutrition-based, restorative cooking. Our hands-on focus emphasizes nutritional and restorative cooking techniques and recipes, beauty in presentation, and mastery of necessary kitchen skills. The professional culinary education we offer emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local foods and goes beyond traditional culinary schools by teaching students how to cook for optimal health. This cutting-edge education will prepare natural chef students for a wide variety of food-related careers in different types of businesses upon graduation.

As part of the Natural Chef Training Program, students will experience:

  • Culinary Foundations
  • Farm to Table: Culinary Techniques for Optimal Health
    • Preparation Methods
    • Broth Varieties and Applications
    • Plant Foods
    • Booster Foods
    • Proteins
    • Food Preservation
    • Natural Baking and Pastry
  • Midterms
  • Externship Orientation and Culinary Careers Panel
  • Restorative Cooking for Optimal Health
  • World Cuisine: Flavor Profiles and Restorative Benefits
  • Final Presentations
  • Culinary Showcase
  • In-House Culinary Skills Hours
  • Culinary Externship

For a complete description of the Natural Chef Training Program curriculum, tuition + fees, schedules, and more please view our catalog.

Bauman College is dedicated to providing professional career development support for students to help prepare them to put their education to work. Therefore, in addition to the above topics, we offer the Bauman Business Institute and Career Services to support students in navigating their career paths as entrepreneurs and/or as job seekers. We provide the necessary career tools and resources to help students be successful within their chosen vocations.

The Bauman Business Institute is a comprehensive, online business training curriculum that will prepare students to be ready for business, either in their own culinary endeavors or as employees. This expanded business program is included in the tuition for students enrolling in the Natural Chef Training Program.


Learn more about Bauman Business Institute for Natural Chef Students

Through our Career Services, students are provided the necessary resources to choose and be successful on their career paths. With access to the Career Services Platform, students can search for jobs; view and sign up for events; and access articles, podcasts, videos, and other career-related resources. Bauman College continues to support students upon graduation with robust Alumni Support and Career Services so that alumni have the opportunity and tools they need to continue on the road to achieving their career goals.

The Natural Chef Training Program is offered in Berkeley, CA.