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Vitality Fasting for the Fun of It

Written by Dr. Ed Bauman, Co-facilitator of the Bauman College Vitality Fasting Retreat

What comes to your mind when you think of fasting? Being hungry, grouchy, dutifully cleaning out your internal organs, cleansing and rejuvenating? Of all these things may spring to mind, but the latter is what is key; cleansing and rejuvenating are the vital components of each and every fast.  Being hungry, grouchy, or overly uncomfortable is not at all necessary for a successful fast and at the Vitality Fasting Retreat, which I have been blessed to lead for the past 25 years, there is a surprise ingredient added, fun!


The retreat is held at the pristine Stillheart Institute in the redwood forests of Woodside, CA and it affords participants a real alternative to the daily grind and exhaustion of work, family, bills, and stress. During the retreat, we get to make “fasting friends”, many of whom stay with us for years, or even a lifetime. Without the distraction of TV, computers, and emails we have time to hang out and get reacquainted with ourselves and with folks who share many of the same interests, challenges and enjoyments that we do. Together we have fun doing arts and crafts, going for hikes, practicing yoga, and partaking of private health sessions like acupuncture and massage.

As a facilitator of the event I use my deep appreciation for, and knowledge of, the art of fasting to deliberately make the experience safe, comfortable, non-threatening, and blood-sugar-stabilizing so that guests can enjoy both a fun and entertaining vacation and a life and health changing experience.

Imagine drinking exquisite spa water (with lemon and cucumber), herb teas, fresh seasonal, organic fruit and vegetable juices, and savory mineral broths throughout the day, being surrounded by nature, health education, fun activities, and wonderful new friends. Imagine yourself taking the next step to change your life with the age-old tradition of a supportive cleanse.


The mix of group support and individual reflection make it an inviting experience for both new and for returning fasters alike. Many guest join us year after year and all leave with skills that they can take home and use as a basis for ongoing growth, repair, and rejuvenation.

Please join us for our upcoming Spring retreat, May 16-19 and our Summer retreat, August 17-23.



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